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Our Advantages

Clear Vision

The cornerstone of our studio. We thrive with vivid imagination. Maintain an openness to new information. Embrace the persistence necessary to go above and beyond.

Highly Resourceful

We don't see problems, just challenges to be solved. Having the flexibility to adapt, ensures productivity. It's our key to keeping a smooth work flow while helping you achieve your goals.

100% Creative

We proudly excel at making things. The quality of ideas combined with the tools & processes we utilize to bring them to life, give us the competitive edge, to your benefit.

Nonstop Dedication

We love what we do and it shows. Your project is approached with a passionate commitment to excellence. That is our purpose.

Trusted Vendors

With good working relationships with our suppliers, often times we receive material discounts. We are always glad to pass these savings on to you.

Extensive R&D

Having worked with a wide array of materials & methods, we've developed effective methods of application. Allowing us to be cost efficient.

Vincent is an expert in everything he puts his hand to. He thinks on his feet when unforeseeable problems arise and finds a solution. It has been a pleasure to work with him several times now in everything from special effects makeup to set design, and we will surely continue to utilize his talents in the future.

Marsha Schick - Production Coordinator, Amazing Facts, Inc.

“I was beyond thrilled and truly ‘wowed’ with my candy flower bouquet that I used for my wedding. Vincent went above and beyond what I was hoping for. I loved his enthusiasm and excitement not only in creating my bouquet, but also in making matching candy flower rings for my bridesmaids, what a cool touch!

Amber Kloss

"Vincent is an ace. I needed dozens of zombie hands that had to also be turkey leg holders to promote “The Walking Dead” video game at Seattle’s PAX convention. The client was blown away at what Vincent created for us. They were realistic, within budget and done on a tight deadline. It was great working with Vanguard FX and I am actively looking for more projects to work with them on.

Rob Edwards - – Pacific Color Graphics

“Vincent is an artist first and foremost and his skills are clearly evident. I have collaborated with him on several film productions over the years and it is always refreshing to work with someone as passionate about their craft as he is. The gem with Vincent is that he works gracefully under pressure and truly enjoys adding to the collective creation. ”

Michael Chance - – Director/ Project Arbiter

“Vincent is always a pleasure to work with. He is truly dedicated to his craft, and it shines through in his top-notch work and quality products. Hope to work with him again soon.”

Bekah McKendry - – Fangoria Entertainment

“ I have been working with Vincent for a few years and he is top of the line. Not only is his creativity and professionalism unparalleled, he is a constant perfectionist, always improving details.”

Erik Fidel - – The Fab Four

“Damyanovich has been one of my very favorite Special FX Artists to work with: great attitude, fantastic work, and non-stop passion for what he does. He’s a perfect example of a hard working artist who certainly pushes the limits.”

Shannon Lark - -Director of Operations, Viscera Film Festival