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Punk Fairy

Punk Fairy


This project is another great example of designing and bringing a character to life. Starting with the pre-visual phase, where key elements are tested out conceptually.  Test make-ups were done to work out the final look. Multiple layers of airbrush and painting technique were utilized to create this enchanted skin tone. The tribal like markings were henna inspired. They were drawn out with a fabric paint and then molded for prosthetic transfers to be made. The iridescent wings were custom made for us. The model’s hair was carefully salon dyed in a two part process to achieve this quality. We aimed to redefine what a Faerie eye could look like. We designed the lenses which were then painted by world renown lens artist Christina Patterson.


     vanguardfx-morninglight    vanguardfx-upclose  


Contact Lense Test


December 17, 2016


Character Make-ups