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Spider Queen

Spider Queen

This cave set rose 20′ in height and had 14′ of width.  Stairs were built into the platforms behind to allow the performer to get easily into position. An aerial harness was made to safely allow her to lean off the edge. 3 spot lights were mounted above to create an effect of day light coming through various cracks and openings somewhere in the rock’s surface. The cocoon body was fabricated along with the Spider herself. Fiberglass and poly foam construction ensured a light weight but durable form that could be worked with. The armor halter top was a  beautifully handmade chainmaille wardrobe item. Nearly 7lbs of realistic webbing was used. A fog machine was set up to provide additional atmosphere.


spiderqueen1      spiderqueen-descent     sq8





December 17, 2016


Themed Environments