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Tough Guise

Tough Guise

tg5-closeup  This make-up is a prime example of how dramatic  transformations can be achieved by bringing many subtle aspects together. After the life cast was taken and replicated in stone, a silicone matrix mold was then made.  This allowed for an epoxy & fiberglass hollow core to be fashioned. Once the main sculpture was finished, it was then molded in 3 sections. This large silicone appliance was injected and consisted of full head, forehead, ears, neck, shoulders, lower chin and a redefined jawline. It was carefully seamed and then painted. Cheek prosthetic transfers and a small nose bridge were also used. The hair on the head and the eyebrows were all individually hand punched. The goatee and mustache were hand laid. The tattoos were carefully researched and designed in house. Tinsley Studio in  Southern California, masterfully created the actual tattoo transfers for us to apply. Brown contact lenses completed the look. Our model prepared for a couple of months to really embody the emotional reality of this piece and it shines through. Working closely with performers and providing them  a safe space to express their characters through a make-up is something we value.


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December 17, 2016


Character Make-ups